Book + Pen Masters® is a phonics reading and writing programme, developed with expertise based on Multiple Intelligences and Gifted Education methods.


Specially designed for ages 3 to 8, our programme consists of 8 Mastery Levels that will take children’s literacy from zero to hero!


Not only do we teach effective reading and writing techniques, at the same time, our lessons generate creative thinking, expression and body movements that enhance memory skills.

Singapore’s First Choice for Kid’s Reading and Writing Classes

Successfully Helping Kids Since 2002

Book + Pen Masters® is a phonics reading and writing programme for children aged 3 and up. The programme was developed with expertise, and is continuously upgraded over the years, to genuinely address the needs of children who are unable to read and write well, or who feel little joy for reading and writing.

Since 2002, we have been successfully helping students to achieve mastery in their literacy skills, enabling them to enjoy the confidence and triumphs of a skillful reader and writer. We teach smart learning techniques based on Multiple Intelligences and Gifted Education methodologies. These include effective strategies designed to hone reading, comprehension, grammar usage, sentence construction and essay writing skills.

As a pioneer provider of phonics reading and writing classes in Singapore, and with over 15 years of experience backed by authentic expertise and resources, Book + Pen Masters® knows exactly how to prepare children for the challenges of primary school syllabuses and, just as importantly, help them become confident readers and inspired writers.


Our Course Outline

Book + Pen Masters® is developed with expertise based on early childhood smart learning methods – all of which have been tried, tested and proven successful. Our programme consists of 8 Mastery Levels for children between 3 and 8 years old. Each level is designed as a 6-month course, but may be completed sooner depending on the child’s assessed readiness. 

What parents say

  • Reyna has attended Book + Pen Masters since she was 3. And throughout these past years, it's been an amazing journey and her command of English language also developed significantly. She has learned so much academically and socially through all the fun activities. We love your program and will gladly send my younger daughter Giselle as soon as she turns 3 later.

    JOIE WONG (Mother of Reyna Ng)
  • I highly recommend Book + Pen Masters to parents who are trying hard to teach their children Good English. My daughter, Alison, had enrolled in this program through all the levels, and this Program helped my child greatly to read, write and comprehend English. Alison is now in primary education and has done very well in her English language subjects.

    LING AINI (Mother of Alison Chua)
  • When Angie first joined your classes, she was 4+ years old and we were worried that she was still unable to read except for some simple words that she had memorized by heart. But in a few months, we were amazed how quickly she started reading and even wanted to write her own “fairy tales”! She loves your phonics storybooks and takes them out to read almost every day. While she was reluctant to read and write before, now she is blossoming into a girl who enjoys reading to herself and producing her own storybooks. We are amazed by Angie’s progress and so grateful for what your program has done for her. Our only regret is that she didn’t join your classes a year earlier!

    EVA TIRA (Mother of Angela Tan)

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