Here’s how Book + Pen Masters® makes a real difference to foster early literacy success:

  • We work with students to excel in BOTH reading and writing concurrently.
  • We use proven methods based on Gifted Education and Multiple Intelligences disciplines.
  • We teach smart reading and spelling techniques that guarantee success, augmented by the award-winning Zoophonics® system.
  • Accelerated learning is supported by creative resources and the best books in their genre, including highly-acclaimed Truly Decodable Phonics Readers and Super Writing Workbooks.

Not only do we teach effective techniques, at the same time, our lessons generate creativity and movement! This is because we understand how having fun and moving our bodies greatly enhance memory and accelerate learning. Our students are encouraged to move, as phonics and reading are taught through fun body movements, amusing action rhymes and interesting games.


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The programme consists of 8 Mastery Levels for children between 3 and 8 years old. Each level is designed as a 6-month course, but may be completed sooner depending on the child’s assessed readiness. Upon enrolment, our teachers will assess your child and assign a suitable commencement level according to his or her reading and writing abilities. Your child’s progress is monitored and regularly assessed for readiness to move up to the next proficiency level.

Truly Decodable Phonics Readers are unique learning tools that promise true independent reading success. Each story is meticulously written to contain 100% phonetically-decipherable text with minimal high-frequency sight words.This means that your child will be able to ‘decode’ to read each story using phonics skills with high success.

These storybooks not only enable confident reading, but also an utter joy for the process. They elicit curiosity, excitement and reflective discussions.

We provide students with acoustical headsets and linguistic tools that work on improving speech and reading skills. Comprehension skills are honed through guided reviews and activities.

Zoo-phonics® is an award-winning phonics system created to help children quickly become good readers and spellers. It uses the whole brain approach that is both fun and effective!This involves the use of visuals, pictorial mnemonics, sounds, hand signals and body movements.

At the outset, our students learn smart techniques that help them to quickly master the phonemes or alphabet letter sounds. Thereafter, our unique sound-blending methods teach them how to cleverly combine letter sounds together for fluent reading. The ability to sound-blend in this efficient manner marks the exciting start of independent reading!

Our series of Book & Pen Workbooks and Super Writing Workbooks are vibrantly illustrated with activities that hold young children’s attention. They help to strengthen reading and comprehension skills, expand vocabulary, and teach correct grammar usage.

All writing and composition skills are enhanced with the aid of other outstanding workbooks, namely End Blends, and Not Just an Alphabet Book.

These workbooks foster good penmanship and a solid foundation in writing. Your child will learn how to construct interesting sentences and organize inspired ideas for creative writing in various genres. These include fiction, character studies, reports, opinions, and different poetry forms including haikus, odes, shape poems and sound poems.

Weekly lessons in reading and writing are further reinforced through a fun variety of games, hands-on activities, and action rhymes.

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