Singapore’s Most Recommended Phonics Class and Textbooks

At Book + Pen Masters®, we provide professional phonics programmes that are designed to help children aged 3 and up with their phonetic reading skills. We know that you want your child to get the best education, which is why we provide the highest quality classes with customized textbooks to children in Singapore. We believe that starting children early is the best way to ensure that they make the most of their skills, and our trusted programme is a highly-recommended course for all preschoolers.

Phonics readers and programmes

We use Truly Decodable Phonics Readers which are unique learning tools that promise true independent reading success. Each story is meticulously written to contain 100% phonetically-decipherable text with minimal high-frequency sight words.This means that your child will be able to ‘decode’ to read each story using phonics skills with high success.

These storybooks not only enable confident reading, but also an utter joy in the process. They elicit curiosity, excitement and reflective discussions. We provide students with acoustical headsets and linguistic tools that work on improving speech and reading skills. Comprehension skills are honed through guided reviews and activities.

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We closely assess our students in every class and monitor his or her progress regularly. Not only do we offer the precise methods that will help your child master phonics, reading and writing, but over the years we have also developed the best reading and creative writing textbooks, with the primary purpose of helping students  flourish in their work.

Whether you want your child to prepare for primary school, or are concerned that they are falling behind in their literacy abilities, we can find a valuable class for them. As an experienced and passionate team, we can help your children develop their skills and excel in literacy, preparing them for their future studies. Contact us today to find out more and to book your child in for phonics, reading and creative writing classes.

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