Reading Classes for Kids (or Young Children)

We all want our children to make the most of their education. However, when a child is falling behind in reading, it can be hard to keep up with everything else, and it can dramatically affect later education. This is where Book + Pen Masters® comes in.

Since our beginnings in 2002, we have been providing quality classes and resources. Our classes incorporate Zoo-phonics® and other highly effective techniques to help children quickly acquire a strong foundation in phonics, reading and writing skills, thus preparing  them for primary schooling, and enabling those who are struggling to achieve confidence and success.

About our reading techniques

Zoo-phonics® is an award-winning phonics system created to help children quickly become good readers and spellers. It uses the whole brain approach that is both fun and effective!This involves the use of visuals, pictorial mnemonics, sounds, hand signals and body movements.

At the outset, students learn smart techniques that help them to quickly master the phonemes or alphabet letter sounds. Thereafter, our unique sound-blending methods teach them how to cleverly combine letter sounds together for fluent reading. The ability to sound-blend in this efficient manner marks the exciting start of independent reading!

Find out how our reading programme can help

We assess all newly-enrolled children to find out which reading level they are at, and to teach them specific strategies that will effectively improve their reading skills. During the course, all students are regularly monitored to keep track of their progress. Our goal is to ensure that every student makes quick and measurable advancements towards independent reading, as well as comprehension of a wide range of children’s literature including poems.

So, if you have a child who is preparing for primary schooling, or who is struggling to catch up before school starts, get in touch with Book + Pen Masters® today. We offer a successful approach, along with  a fun and welcoming environment for all our students.

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